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Ultimate Edition

With the Ultimate Edition, get access to the behind the scenes of the making of the game, access to early updates and new features beforehand and a special concept art book.

Standard Edition

With the Standard Edition recieve the early access version of City Block Builder which includes the Restaurant Build. There will be free DLC's with new businesses in the coming months.


Experience a beautiful tycoon management style game that allows you to build your own business empire in Los Angeles during the 1950s era. Manage businesses ranging from Movie Theaters to Jazz Clubs to Restaurants and more!


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What is City Block Builder?

A Genre-Blending Tycoon Game

City Block Builder is a genre-blending tycoon game with micro and macro-management elements. Build your own business empire through an immersive game with easy to learn, but hard to master mechanics. Inspired by tycoon games of yesteryear, experience a tycoon tribute to the 50s. Build Restaurants at first, with Cinemas, Bowling Alleys, Shops, News Stands, Drive-Ins, Jazz Clubs and more coming soon!

Multiple Businesses

Each business will have its own extensive research system with different nuances. Unlocking different parts of the research tree is based on their opportunity costs. Higher points unlock better rewards but you can adjust your goals for short term solutions. With the research approach in your hand, you are completely in charge.